I don’t just talk the talk. I’ve walked the walk.

Two years ago, I started my fitness journey as the “slim” or “skinny” girl. I got into bodyweight circuit training but soon realized that I didn’t get the sustainable results I wanted nor did I particularly enjoy my workouts. I wanted to build muscle and get strong and was frustrated with the little progress I made though I was putting in a lot of work.

But then I discovered lifting weights and I was hooked. In the first 6 weeks of lifting I made more progress than in the previous 6 months of bodyweight training.

Through lifting and a sustainable, balanced diet I gained muscle and last fat, sculped my body, gained strength and found a form of exercise that I was excited about and that made me feel like a complete badass.

progress (2)

Lifting changed my physique, mindset and life. I now was strong not skinny. It became my passion, a lifestyle and finally, it turned into my mission to help other ambitious women gain muscle and confidence through lifting heavy weights.

I provide you with the necessary information that I have accumulated through my own training and testing, through training others, through my Health, Fitness and Personal Trainer certification and reading hundreds of articles and books and doing research online and offline.