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Images are taken and edited either by myself, Carmen Weninger, or a photographer, Ines Gadermaier. The copyright belongs to the photographer. To contact the photographer go to . The videos featured on this website are all taken and edited by myself, Carmen Weninger. The same goes for all the content written.


The GDPR is a law enforced by the EU, giving its citizens more right to their data. These rights include:

  • The right to request that your persona data collected is erased.
  • The right to revoke consent to the processing of your data, at any given point in time.
  • The right that you can review any personal data that is collected and know how it is processed.
  • The right to get a portable copy of your data.
  • The right to file a complaint with a Data Protection Policy

Third Parties

Together with the compliance of this website, third party videos and photos which are linked and embedded on also comply with EU cookie and privacy policy law. Your data is not shared or sold to any third parties. You are not redirected to any advertisements, pop-ups or other advertising cookies. The only direct advertisement, and purpose of the website is the promotion of my own services.

  1. YouTube: I, Carmen Weninger, embedd videos from my YouTube channel where I share my journey as an athlete and educational content about strength training. I do not use monetize these videos.
  2. Instagram: I, Carmen Weninger, embedd videos from my instagram profile on this website. If I monetize from any of the posts featured they are signaled as advertisement, in compliance with EU law.
  3. Google Forms: The website includes Google Forms to make quizzes about the educational content. No personal information is stored by from what you submit in the quizzes. No information is passed on to a third party. The content created through the form is not created by or endorsed by Google.

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