Fitness + strength coaching

Get from A to B and reach your strength and physique goals most efficiently. A well-planned training program, accountability to follow through with it and guidance are crucial factors to reaching your goals.

My training programs are highly individualized and focus on strength training at the gym. They are created to help you effectively build muscle and get stronger.


Personal Training in AMSTERDAM (Vienna: on request)

 – learn how to perform certain exercises and improve your form

–  get extra motivation and accountability 



– Individualized program tailored to your goals and needs. 

NO further check ins or adjustment of the program


One on One Coaching

–  individualized workout program tailored to your goals and needs

– Exercise video database explaining every single exercise in detail

video analysis of your form

– Weekly Check-ins with me via WhatsApp or email (incl. adjustment of program when necessary, progress photos, measurements)

– minimum duration: 3 months