We are not wired to be alone. It doesn’t matter if you read this blogpost and are surrounded by the most amazing family and friends you can imagine. Or if you read this post and you sit amongst a group of people you cannot really connect with. Or if you’re reading this on a Saturday [...]


Your first relationship will not be like your second. Your new job will not be like your old. This summer will not be like last one. Your new home will not be like your old. Don’t project old experiences, memories and feelings into new situations. I usually write because I overcame a struggle, analysed it [...]

The axe analogy: What millennials are missing

I figured something my generation is lacking is patience. Think about the last time you pursued something? Maybe something as small as trying to make someone go on a date with you? How long did you stay persistent until you thought she/he is probably not worth it anyway? Maybe its something bigger like building a [...]


What do you think of when you think of passion?  Your passion? Here are some things that I know some of my friends, or I am passionate about. Things that we associate with passion. Dancing. Singing. Writing. Reading. Connecting. Lifting. Drawing. Running. Editing. Talking. Helping. Learning. Exploring. Travelling. Teaching. Swimming. Riding. Driving. Walking. Hiking. Creating. [...]