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I’m Carmen Weninger, also called Coach Cappuccino and I’m a 19 years old online fitness coach and personal trainer.

I am very passionate about getting stronger – both physically and mentally. I guess that’s why I’m very much into powerlifting and personal development!

I started lifting when I was 16 years old, with no big goal in mind other than to have some abs. Never would I have thought how much fun that sport could be, how badass it will make you feel – and, well – look!

I loved the transformation my body went through, from skinny to super strong and also the transformation my mind went through: form wanting to stay slim and skinny to wanting to be more and get stronger.

I want to help other people all over the world reach their body goals – meaning that they feel more comfortable in their body and badass when they look in the mirror – whatever that looks like! Bust mostlly I also want to show you how good it feels to get stronger, to push your body’s limits and to see what you are capable of doing!


In early 2017 I became certified as a Health, Fitness and Personal Trainer (FlexyFit SportsAcademy) and soon after started working at different gyms as a Personal Trainer to gain some experience coaching others. Since March 2018 I am a self employed Online Fitness Coach helping others all around the world getting stronger, building muscle and feel more comfortable in their bodies. I continue to educate myself and expand my knowledge on hypertrophy, strength and nutrition through workshops, books, articles, scientific papers, my own training experience and through coaching others.  In September 2018 I started my Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy at the European School of Physiotherapy to further expand my knowledge, become an even better Coach as well as to one day also become a good Physiotherapist!