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I figured something my generation is lacking is patience.

Think about the last time you pursued something? Maybe something as small as trying to make someone go on a date with you? How long did you stay persistent until you thought she/he is probably not worth it anyway? Maybe its something bigger like building a business or setting a fitness goal – or getting a degree.

I am no different. If I try something and don’t see any immediate results – I question whether that was the right thing to invest my time and energy into. I think what I’m often lacking, and so do many other millennials, is to see a bigger picture. We don’t see that things we do today could benefit us not just tomorrow – but months and years later.

We live from day to day. And wait for the moment where the hard work we think we put into something suddenly pays off. And we hope for the moment to be tomorrow, or in a week, or even in 6 months. But big moments take time. They take more time, effort, consistency and patience than I can even imagine – being 18 years old.

People often describe me as “motivated” or “persistent”. Thank you, but secretly, I get discouraged more quickly than you might think. Every time I do feel so discouraged by my path that I would rather curl up in my bed and wait for nothing to happen and stare at my wall – I try to just be aware that what is making me feel discouraged is simply my lack of patience. It’s the lack of being able to see the end of a road (because no one knows where it ends). And the only thing that I do control on this journey is the level effort, consistency and self- awareness that I chose to have.

I listened to the MFCEO Project (one of my absolute favourite personal development podcasts by the way) and Andy Frisella talked about something that I think sums up the way to any success, whether that is in fitness, relationships, business, job, career or life in general. And you have to grasp this concept to be successful at anything really, whether you’re a millennial or not.

I thought I’ll share this analogy with you in hopes that is will inspire you to keep going after your goals even if you get punched in the face by failure non – stop and don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel yet. I hope you remind yourself of this whenever you wake up feeling discouraged because you just can’t imagine that the pieces you put together every goddamn day will one day be a beautiful, powerful puzzle of success.

Imagine your biggest goal EVER is to cut down a tree with an axe. It’s a huge tree that has been standing in your huge garden since hundreds of years and its stem is so big, if two dudes hug it at the same time, their hands still can’t touch. But you want to cut it down. That’s your goal. Now guess what:

“It’s frustrating to swing an axe all day long at a big ass tree and have the blade be dull and tire yourself out over and over and over again. That’s frustrating. You might say “I’m doing exactly as I told and I’m not winning”. It’s probably not true. You probably feel like you’re doing exactly as you’re told but youre probably not.

Because it takes four components for you to be able to cut down that goddamn tree – not just one or two. You have to ask yourself the question: ‘what is the weakness that you’re dealing with right now?’

1) It takes effort. An axe doesn’t do shit if it’s laying on the ground. You have to pick it up and you have to swing it and you have to swing it freaking hard.

2) It takes consistency. You have to hit in the same spot over and over and over again. If you go up and down all over the tree you’re not going to get very far. Same spot. Hit it hard. Over and over again.

3) It takes self-awareness. Sharpen your blade. Be able to self- evaluate. If you feel like you’re doing everything right but you’re not getting the result, your axe is probably not sharp.

4) It takes patience. If it’s a big tree, doesn’t matter how hard you swing, doesn’t matter how consistent you are, doesn’t matter how sharp the blade is. Guess what: its gonna take time!”

I feel like what millennials lack most is patience. Because we’re not demotivated, lazy or lack ambition or creativity or self-awareness. We just get discouraged too quickly.

Whether your goal is getting someone to go on a date with you or building strength and muscle or losing fat or building a business or career. Determine what your weakness is, because I’m pretty sure its at least one of those four things. And if you’re on top of all four – then you just have to swing the axe just a little longer, a little harder, a little bit more often and with a little bit of a sharper blade. And then you’ll have your big moment.

Have a great week,

Carmen aka Coach Cappuccino

(P.S: Here is the link to the full podcast episode by Andy Frisella. You can also find it on iTunes or SoundCloud under the same name! )