What do you think of when you think of passion?  Your passion? Here are some things that I know some of my friends, or I am passionate about. Things that we associate with passion.

Dancing. Singing. Writing. Reading. Connecting. Lifting. Drawing. Running. Editing. Talking. Helping. Learning. Exploring. Travelling. Teaching. Swimming. Riding. Driving. Walking. Hiking. Creating. Sharing.

Everyone has a passion. You don’t necessarily have to share it with the world. It doesn’t have to be the one thing everyone associates you with. It’s something that you associate yourself with.

What is passion?

I dont know if there’s a universal definition of passion. Here’s my version.

Passion is excitement, it’s discovering the old and the new. It’s resistant to failure and success. Passion doesn’t always need a “why”. It’s just there. Passion is a feeling of belonging, but not necessarily of routine. Passion is when you unfold and evolve without having to try hard every time. Passion is irresistible. Passion is healthy. Passion is a necessity. It lives inside of us, waiting to be re-discovered and lived out loud every day. It can be an activity, idea, maybe even a person. Passion can feel wrong but is always right. Passion is detached. It feels … good. It creates a special kind of happiness. It that moment, passion feels unstoppable and defining.

Sounds familiar?

Has there ever been something you loved this way – something you were passionate about and for some reason you stopped pursuing it? A hobby that you quit, a job that you lost, a project you gave up, a love that expired, a connection that was cut off? I can think of many such instances when I think of myself and my friends. One who gave up dancing, one who gave up writing, one who gave up riding, one who stopped reading.

Here’s the thing about passion:

You cannot ignore it. It’s there to be pursued. It’s part of you. It changes as we change. It grows as we grow. But letting go of something that is still your passion is not possible.

No, I don’t think it’s truly possible.

Because it’s part of you.

Especially when we grow up, we grow into an environment that tells us passion is an “extra”. Into an environment and a society that tells us we need to hustle, grind and be restless. But it’s is not an extra. You need a counterweight.

I thoroughly believe you have this flame inside of you that you cannot extinguish. Something that waits to be re-discovered and lived out loud every day. Remember, passion gives you purpose. Without purpose, you’re like an old flower. Empty and unfulfilled. And people who supress their passion or have done so in the past know what that feels like.

Maybe you do live your passion – whether that is through your job, hobby, a project, or anything else. Remember that you should never give this up because life seems to get harder. Never ignore it because it gets more difficult to pursue. Never ignore it because you have to take a break from it, for whatever reason that might be. Remember what gives you life, what gives you that feeling that I described earlier and always somehow come back to it.

So,  what do I want you to take away from my perspective on passion?

Don’t be scared to somehow pursue what’s still inside of you. What creates that feeling of belonging, evolving and happiness. What makes you feel unstoppable and powerful.

Don’t ever ignore that feeling, as long as it’s still there. Don’t be scared of letting go of it, if it’s not. Don’t forget your passion, don’t ignore it. Always come back to it. Passion is there to be lived, it’s there to be pursued. It’s your counterweight, and it’s a necessity.

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