My 2017 #strongertogether

From all the things I realized this year and all the lessons I learned, there is one thing that made all of it possible. That allowed me to change, that allowed me to grow. That allowed me to be down and that allowed me to share my joy.

I sit here and think about the endless things that I have learned this year. I think about the very high highs and the super low lows. I think about the “seasons” or “phases” of this year.

I think about how I did my personal training certification course next to completing my last few months of high school, which was extremely stressful and intense. I learned that I thrive in stressful and challenging situations. 

I think about the months I spent working at my local gym, where I could finally help others with their fitness and meet so many new faces that I can call good friends now.

I think about graduating from high school and my insane graduation trip. I love love love you, 8C! (my former class!)

I think about a long summer. I was desperately hungry for inspiration and motivation. I think about how I was lost. How I wanted to do more. Be more. How I literally broke down at some point deciding that I need to let go of everything.

I think about saying goodbye.

I think about moving, my first few weeks living on my own, living abroad. I think about hope, anger and disappointment.

I think about dealing with setback. I think about taking responsibility.

When I look back on this year, I realize I had so many phases where I was just lost, sad, overwhelmed, disappointed, angry, frustrated and … bored! I also had countless moments of extreme joy and happiness, luck and love. I know I did everything right. Because I have felt all of these things, I grew. I grew up a little more, I developed, I learned. I gained perspective (and muscle 😉), I gained experience. I achieved. I changed. My mindset changed. 

From all the things I realized this year and all the lessons I learned, there is one thing that made all of it possible. That allowed me to change, that allowed me to grow. That allowed me to be down and that allowed me to share my joy.

Family. Friends. Loved ones.


I know now how lucky I am with the people I am surrounded by. Every person that was (somewhat) close to me this year played a small or big role in how I have developed and influenced the choices that I made.

In 2017 I grew closer with “old” friends. We realized how much we need and value each other. How we somehow became a family.

In 2017 I met many, many, incredible, new people. Some stayed in my life for longer and continue to do so. Some left again and some I only talked to once and they already had an impact on me. I realized it’s not necessarily about the duration of a friendship/relationship, but about the quality. Sometimes you meet someone and it just “clicks”. It seems like you’ve known each other since forever. With some you spend months and it never works out. And with every new encounter you learn something new about this specific relationship, about the next one, about yourself and life. 

So to finish off this year, I only have 2 more things to say:

  1.  to every single one who was part of my 2017 (and those who sticked ’round since 1999😉 )
    I love you, I value you. I am thankful that I we met, whenever that was. You most probably enriched my year, my life, my thinking. I have never felt this loved in my life before. I hope you feel my love and appreciation too. I am also the luckiest daughter and sister in the whole
  2. Next year, be kind. Be patient. Take your time and spend it with family and friends. Spend it with those you love and those who love you. Tell them what you love about them. Appreciate. It doesn’t matter if you have one single person really knowing and supporting you, a handful, or more. 

Thank you to everyone reading my blogposts and captions on Instagram, I hope I can enrich your life in some sort of way too, motivate and inspire you. I hope you stick around next year too! Mucho content is coming, I still have so many ideas that I can’t wait to share!

And keep your eyes open (or subscribe to my e-mail list!), my next blog entry will be about my goals and plans for 2018! It’s gonna be lit!

Have a nice last few days of 2017, make some damn good plans and set your goals for next year high!







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