Being vs. Living – be scared and uncomfortable

In this blogpost I will tell about the #1 thing I was able to learn in 2017 and that completely changed the trajectory of my life and how I view it.

In this blogpost I will tell about the #1 thing I was able to learn in 2017 and that completely changed the trajectory of my life and how I view it.


How often do you hear phrases like “Do what you fear most” and “life begins at the end of your comfort zone!”, smile, agree and continue your day?

This year I decided to do uncountable things that scared me unhealthily much. It made the year the toughest but most exciting one of my life. Some of the things are relatable for others, some might seem ridiculous. But the point is that by overcoming those fears, I grew, changed, achieved, succeeded and became very proud of myself. It opened countless doors, established countless connections and friendships and led to countless interesting encounters, stories and experiences. Finally, I learned more about myself than ever before.

I graduated from high school (well, didn’t really have a choice with this one), had to decide what to do with my future, moved abroad, started studying, created a website and my small online personal training business, started marketing myself through a fitness Instagram account and started blogging. Holy cow. Every one of those things seemed impossible for me at the beginning of the year. Most of these things meant putting myself out there. It meant to set goals. It meant to have dreams and to actively go after them. Most of all, it meant I could be judged by others.  

Funnily, I’m known to be someone who really doesn’t care much about what others think or say. Still, those were some of my #1 fears:

  • Not being accepted by others when moving to a new city.
  • Being alone.
  • People at home making fun of me for what I do with my online business.
  • Not having any clients at all.

I was alone, I don’t know if people made fun of me. I didn’t have clients in the beginning. It was all uncomfortable, scary and I felt like a complete failure. I worked hard, I fought for what I wanted to have. And you know what: I eventually made friends and met incredibly cool and interesting people in Groningen, I have dope clients who are making progress every week. And I got endless support from friends who enjoy what I write and do on the internet and frequently give me great feedback on it and challenge my opinion!

Blog edit #5

Doing the scary thing is so hard. It’s no fun. Sometimes I feel like literally crawling into a whole and not coming out of it for a long while. I felt uncomfortable going into my classroom on the first day of Uni (and for the following few weeks), because no one knew me. I felt uncomfortable talking to so many strangers in my first weeks in the Netherlands. I felt uncomfortable clicking the button to publish my website and posting it on my Instagram (not a coincidence that I did that exactly on the day I left Vienna 😉 ), I felt “exposed” when my friends started subscribing to my fitness Instagram even though there is nothing terrifying about that and I felt even more vulnerable and “out there” when I announced that I would start blogging. 

I cannot imagine NOT having moved away from home, because even though it is challenging and a lot is not working out the way it was supposed to, it’s also SO exciting and fun. I cannot imagine NOT having started my online business because it’s the ultimate joy when you’re client tells you how they feel and perform better. I cannot imagine NOT having launched my Instagram and blog, because it’s something I wanted to do for SUCH a long time and I have so many ideas and things I want to share with others.

I cannot imagine not having done all of these things as much as I couldn’t imagine at the beginning of the year actually doing all of them. I am beyond glad that I decided to face my fears, to overcome them, sometimes to simply ignore them. I don’t regret anything. I got uncomfortable. I am proud. I am motivated to get uncomfortable again and again because I know now that this is the only way to evolve. To experience. To reach goals. To live.

I want to encourage you, today, for the next year, and hopefully for the rest of your life that if there is even ONE thing that you’re really really scared of, but really really want. Do it. Be uncomfortable. Be scared. Hate the feeling. But once it’s over – damn.

This is where life actually starts. This is when you start LIVING not just BEING. 

Have a good week and a merry merry Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family and friends, your loved ones and have all the best food and drinks!


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