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I have the goal to make more women and girls start (power)lifting. The sport needs it, but more importantly, women need the sport 😉 I don’t want any girl to be afraid of the weights room because of the buff dudes there (most of them don’t know what they’re doing either!), or because they don’t know how to start, nor do I want them to fear getting bulky.

Here’s the thing: 

I believe everyone struggles with negative body image. Some hate particular parts of their body, some would like to have a different one altogether. The beautiful thing about weight training is that you learn MORE about what you body can DO and that you can TRANSFORM it through building muscle. You can literally form it into whatever you want it to. (against popular belief it is also one of the most effective ways to lose fat!).

And while your body is transforming, you will notice your mindset shift as well. You will start to appreciate what you body is capable of, you will see and feel your muscle grow and fall in love with the process. It will make you feel accomplished, proud, happy and most importantly:


NOTHING has ever positively contributed to my self-esteem as much as lifting weights. Nothing has improved my body image more. Nothing makes me feel more BADASS. Every. Day. I don’t have to convince myself to go to the gym 6 times a week because it’s an activity I absolutely enjoy. I can improve my strength, technique, numbers and mentality – every session! Building muscle is GREAT. Seeing changes in your body is GREAT. And you will see them quickly, especially in the beginning.

But here’s what made me fall in love with training for STRENGTH instead of AESTHETICS

My progress is much more measurable!

Progress is not “lost” because you had pizza, ice cream and alcohol, you went on vacation and are bloated and can’t spot a sixpack anymore. HELL! Who cares about the definition on your stomach? How much COOLER is it to focus on moving a freaking lot of weight at the gym!

Measure progress by PERFORMANCE and not only by AESTETICS!

If the only goal is to lose body fat or be shredded, achievements can “evaporate” so quickly. But no one can take away the feeling of being STRONG in general (or hitting a new PR!). I don’t want to be obsessed with how I look. You look differently every morning, depending on how much you ate the day before, how much water you drank, how much sodium you had, how much you moved. But you don’t lose your strength progress over night. Even if you feel a little more fluffy, you will still feel accomplished and proud because you focus on PERFORMANCE. And you can be so much more chilled about social events, big dinners or treats, because you’ll wake up just as strong (but maybe not as shredded 😉 ). Not saying you can eat like shit 24/7 if you do powerlifting, but you will almost certainly be less worried about every food decision you make! 

I APPRECIATE my body even MORE since I started focusing on strength. I tend to feed it enough, because I know it needs it. My body is awesome. It’s tiny! But it’s strong! It can PERFORM. Dang, I feel even more BADASS than when I was lifting weights JUST to “look good”. And just for the record: Because barbell exercises are compound movements they burn a hell of a lot of calories. Therefore yes, even powerlifting is effective for fat loss. And yes, you will (need to) continue to build muscle and therefore form your body. All the pros!

Powerlifting might not be for you. It might not be “your thing”. “Your thing” might be volleyball, running, yoga or mountain biking (or bodybuilding!). But how would you know, if you’ve never tried it before? I’m here to convince you that it’s an incredible empowering, confidence- building, rewarding, fun and badass sport

I want to see more girls in squat racks, on deadlift platforms and bench presses who outlift and uplift each other 😉 Because it can completely alter the way you think about your body, your mind and even life

If I convinced you of the sport or at least slightly awoke your interest, but you have no clue how to start, PLEASE contact me (dm on instagram (@coachcappuccino) or write me an e-mail : and let me give you some advice or even a programme you can follow! You are not a) too unfit/not sporty enough for lifting or b) too weak for lifting or c) too “girly” for lifting!

You’re a badass who has potential to become mentally and physically stronger, no matter which size or form!

In the end I want to give you some names of girls who powerlift and accounts to follow on Instagram, because they’re already completely crushing it while spreading such a dope message about body image and lifting in general!





MEG recently won the spokesmodel search for all dope powerlifting – women! yaaass @megsquats




love yo mindset and vibe gurl! @misannastomosis


Have a good week and don’t forget to do your Christmas shopping and cookie – baking 😉