Introduction to the blog


Wow, I finally did it! Here I am, introducing my blog and well – myself! Blogger number #27948372403824 also known as Carmen Weninger! Strong girl from Vienna, “studying” in Groningen (Netherlands), I do online personal training and other stuff. Yeah, that sums it up pretty well!

So why do I wanna blog?

Sometimes reading between the lines or what is written in a seemingly unimportant subparagraph in brackets, can alter our thinking and open our eyes. At least that’s what I have experienced over and over again, especially in the past year, and which has ultimately literally changed the trajectory of my life.

My goal is to put content and my opinion on different topics out there and make you think about life a little differently. If I only help one person ever or give them a new idea or perspective, motivate them or ignite a thought process – that’s enough for me!

On this blog I want to talk about exercise, nutrition and health, cause I think most people should know way more about their bodies and how to treat them right than they do right now – plus this is what my business evolves.

However, I will not limit myself to these topics because I am way too interested and have too many ideas about life, people and the world in general. I love to observe people (not stalk them – OBSERVE them 😉), evaluate their behaviour and think about why people act in certain ways. Personal development and mindset for me is just as important as physical health and is the foundation for everything we do. In the end … it also changes the world that we live in.

I hope that I will catch your attention every now and then and to see you soon again on my blog!

If you want to make sure to not miss any blog posts follow me on my Instagram @coachcappuccino where I’ll remind you when something new is happening!

Have a good one


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