Online Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer


When I discovered lifting a few years ago I discovered how badass it feels to get strong and to transform my body and mind into a stronger version of itself. I figured there is something cooler than aiming to be skinny. It’s aiming to get strong. (read more about my story here).

I am passionate about becoming a stronger version of myself, both mentally and physically and I made it my mission to help other ambitious women gain muscle, strength and confidence through lifting so they too can have their dream physique and experience how good strong feels like.

I am a certified personal trainer and continue to educate myself through workshops, online and offline research, my own training experience and through coaching others.



I help ambitious women gain muscle, strength and confidence through lifting heavy weights.

Do you feel uncomfortable in your body, want to put on muscle and lose a bit of body fat? Are you looking for a form of exercise that you enjoy, that makes you feel badass and excited?

I want to show you that you can love your body for what it is capable of doing, not only for what it looks like, that being strong and muscular is cool and that lifting is exciting and empowering. I help you sustainably change your body composition, diet and mindset and get the results you work for without any crash diets or workouts you dread.


Let me show you how to effectively build muscle and change your body composition, to get strong and feel empowered and badass through lifting heavy weights.


Consistently showing up is the key to results. I help you stick to your programme and diet and will be your teacher, motivator and friend on your strength journey.


I help you get from A to B more efficiently. Transform your physique and mind. Lose fat and have more muscle, feel confident about your body and fall in love with the sport.


Then let’s get strong together!

From getting a new workout programme tailored to your needs, goals and preferences or an in-person Personal Training session for extra motivation and ensuring the right form – to my inclusive one on one online coaching programme where I intensively guide you through your fitness journey to ensure you’re effectively getting from A to B – you can check out my coaching options here.


Here’s what other say who have already gotten stronger with me!

My initial fear of doing all exercises wrong, of adding weight to the bar and not achieving my aesthetic goals all evaporated through Carmen’s help! I can now proudly say that I’ve overcome my fears, that my body is stronger, I am more confident and feel more comfortable in my body. I am grateful that I’ve met Carmen, what I’ve learned from her and that she has supported me through my journey. Emily v. B.

Thank you for being so motivating and really kick starting my workout journey! What Carmen has taught me has really made me more confident in myself and I can emotionally and physically see the difference. I am so thankful for finding her and working with her. (…) Thank you for everything! Karlie M.

The coaching really helped me feel more comfortable with lifting. It wasn’t long before I started with Carmen that I had started lifting rather than just doing bodyweight stuff. I was definitely nervous and confused, but she helped me SO much! I owe so much to her – who knows if I would have stuck with it without that guidance! . Annie B.