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I help you get as strong + mobile as possible

for healthy + happy movement and to look + feel good naked


Want to look and feel good naked? Want to change your body composition and feel comfortable in your body? Do you want to get stronger at the gym and make more progress than ever before?

My individualized strength training programmes focus on progressive overload, your performance at the gym, hitting personal records and building muscle – as well as teaching you the correct technique for alll lifts to decrease risk of injury and increase effectivity of the workouts!

Focusing on muscle building is not only the best way to lose body fat, but is a hell of a lot and does not have to be boring at all! It makes you feel empowered, badass and really accomplished, especially if you focus on your performance at the gym!


Do you often feel stiff/tight? Don’t enjoy “stretching” and feel like it doesn’t do much for you? Do you struggle with a decreased range of motion in certain lifts (such as the squat)?

Mobility training is often neglected, but an important fundament for long healthy and happy movement! Moving your joints and muscles in your full range of motion will help you increase it, decreasese stiffness and tightness and risk of injury (at any age!).

Mobility training can be made a lot of fun and keep your movement healthy for a long time!

Hello, my name is Carmen Weninger – also known as Coach Cappuccino.

I am a personal trainer, online fitness coach, physiotherapy student and social media influencer.

My goal is to help you reach your goal, whether that is to lose weight or gain weight, to get stronger in the gym and move more weight or to improve your  technique and movement through individualized mobility training.

Over the past couple of years I was able to gain experience in many aspects of the fitness – spectrum: from functional training to now being a competitive powerlifter.

I knew right after graduating high school that I want to make this big passion for movement and people my profession. So in 2017 I became a certified personal trainer and since have helped dozens of others get stronger, fitter and healthier by passing on my knowledge.

Since September 2018 I am also a full time student at the European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam, aiming for my B.Sc in Physiotherapy to get an even better understanding of the human body and movement, be of greater service to my clients and future patients, aiming become one of the best physios in the world!



I am now part of NEXT LVL Amsterdam! Farid and I host small, challenging bootcamps in the Beatrix Park Amsterdam as well as offer personal training outdoors!

The bootcamps are made for beginners to advanced trainees, so it’s a great form of exercise no matter if you’re new to fitness and want to stick to your New Years resolutions or if you’ve been in the game for a little while already! The bootcamps are held in small, intimate settings, multiple times a week (and day)!

Check out the NEXT LVL Amsterdam website and join us to get fitter, healthier and stronger together!

My initial fear of doing all exercises wrong, of adding weight to the bar and not achieving my aesthetic goals all evaporated through Carmen’s help! I can now proudly say that I’ve overcome my fears, that my body is stronger, I am more confident and feel more comfortable in my body. I am grateful that I’ve met Carmen, what I’ve learned from her and that she has supported me through my journey. Emily v. B.

Thank you for being so motivating and really kick starting my workout journey! What Carmen has taught me has really made me more confident in myself and I can emotionally and physically see the difference. I am so thankful for finding her and working with her. (…) Thank you for everything! Karlie M.

The coaching really helped me feel more comfortable with lifting. It wasn’t long before I started with Carmen that I had started lifting rather than just doing bodyweight stuff. I was definitely nervous and confused, but she helped me SO much! I owe so much to her – who knows if I would have stuck with it without that guidance! . Annie B.