Hey, I’m Carmen – people also call me Coach (Cappuccino).

I’m a 19 years old girl who is obsessed with lifting weights and getting stronger and super passionate about helping you reach your body and strength goals.

I started my own fitness journey a few years ago as a very skinny teenager wanting to have abs, not knowing the incredible changes weight training would do to me.
What started out as wanting to stay slim turned into wanting to build, sculpt and form my body. I fell in love with the transformation my body went through, the confidence lifting gave me and how good being strong made me feel.

Because I am so passionate about the lifting I decided quickly to become an expert in the field through getting certified as a personal trainer in 2017. Ever since I have helped dozens others feel more confident and comfortable in their skin, get stronger and build muscle.

I continue to educate myself through books, articles, workshops, scientific papers and getting a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy starting in September 2018.

My own fitness journey and training is heading more and more into a powerlifting – direction where I hope I will be able to compete in 2019.


Having a tailored workouts programme is one of the most important variables to really reaching your personal goals.

Get your own workout programme from a certified coach, personalized to your fitness level, past injuries, needs and exact goals.

Get maximum results by getting your own personalized workouts programme, that will be adjusted over time, nutritional guidance to help you figure out how to eat and train to reach your personal goals. You will also have direct access to me through WhatsApp and can turn to me for questions and support. The best option to efficiently reach your goals.

Learn how to correctly perform all exercises to reduce risk of injury and optimize your results or to get the motivation to push through your sessions from me.

(Personal Training Amsterdam)


Here’s what other say who have already gotten stronger with me!

My initial fear of doing all exercises wrong, of adding weight to the bar and not achieving my aesthetic goals all evaporated through Carmen’s help! I can now proudly say that I’ve overcome my fears, that my body is stronger, I am more confident and feel more comfortable in my body. I am grateful that I’ve met Carmen, what I’ve learned from her and that she has supported me through my journey. Emily v. B.

Thank you for being so motivating and really kick starting my workout journey! What Carmen has taught me has really made me more confident in myself and I can emotionally and physically see the difference. I am so thankful for finding her and working with her. (…) Thank you for everything! Karlie M.

The coaching really helped me feel more comfortable with lifting. It wasn’t long before I started with Carmen that I had started lifting rather than just doing bodyweight stuff. I was definitely nervous and confused, but she helped me SO much! I owe so much to her – who knows if I would have stuck with it without that guidance! . Annie B.