Me in a nutshell

DSC_0849 (2)Hey, I’m Carmen!

I’m an 18 years old personal trainer, online coach and blogger, currently based in Vienna, Austria.

I take on clients from all over the world, because I want to make it a stronger one and I specialize in females who want to get into strength training and change their body composition.

I transitioned from bodyweight training to bodybuilding– style strength training two years ago and fell in love with powerlifting last year, 2017. I’m known to train very hard, love to get strong as hell and to take action to continuously chase my goals.

My biggest passions, besides coaching and training, is reading, writing and personal development. I’m into (positive) psychology. I read one book and publish one blogpost every week and create daily content on my instagram. (@coachcappuccino)

Read more about my story in my blog.

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“Strength doesn’t come from what you can already do. It comes from what you think you can’t do.”

Why do I want to help YOU get stronger? Why do I want YOU to pick up WEIGHTS too?

Lifting has the potential to CHANGE the way you feel about yourself and the way you approach life‼️

IF YOU …. 

  • lack confidence about (certain parts of your) body and want to get MORE TONED and shed some excess body fat …
  • want to change your body composition …
  • lack feeling empowered in your life …
  • want to finally get fitter and healthier in a way that’s fun for you …
  • don’t want to dread going to the gym anymore or start going to the gym ….
  • want to do something for YOURSELF …
  • looking for an endorphin rush …
  • want to feel accomplished …



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I’ve already walked the whole way myself.

When I first started, I strictly followed a programme and type of exercise that I didn’t enjoy and only saw very little results.

I though: “Is exercise always this horrible?” and “Will I ever see long – term results?”

NO. You don’t have to hate exercise. YES you can change your body composition.

In my first 6 weeks of lifting I saw more results than in previous 6 months of training. I was a fitness and strength training newbie too, was intimidated by the gym and the buff dudes, I was scared of doing things wrong. But I overcame all of those fears and fell in love with weights. I know what it’s like to start from scratch and to be alone in this journey. I know what it’s like to want a more toned and athletic physique. To be more sporty and to actually stick to a programme that you enjoy.

I feel in love with improving every session, with attaining the physique I wanted and with pushing my limits. I fell in love with the results. It completely changed my body and my mindset and continues to fire me up every single day. It’s possible for you too!

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I can guide you the way that I’ve already walked myself and show you the most effective, sustainable and fun way you for you to achieve your goal of a more toned physique. It will be much simpler than you would image. I take a scientific approach to changing your body composition and making you fitter and stronger. People often overcomplicate things like losing weight, gaining muscle or improving fitness, when all it takes is a game plan and consistency. I provide you with the necessary information that I have accumulated through my own training and testing, through training others, through my Health, Fitness and Personal Trainer certification and reading hundreds of articles and books and doing research online and offline.

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You don’t have to be strong or “fit” to start. You just have to want the RESULTS and be willing to put in the WORK.

Already hooked?


I have everything ranging from single personalized workouts, to in person training to intensive – All Inclusive One on One Coaching. Write me a dm on my Instagram (@coachcappuccino) or an email ( and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.